SUMMER HOME (2010) By Peter Buzzelle, Catchy Power Pop From Boston

SUMMER HOME (2010) By Peter Buzzelle, Catchy Power Pop From Boston
This was the first track I heard by Peter Buzzelle, and it is still my favourite of his. It is from his first album, ‘To Telescope’ and was produced by Chris Zerby. Peter is a singer/songwriter, power pop/indie rock recording artist from Boston, Massachusetts. I think he warrants to be heard more widely, hence this video.

Peter’s main influences include artists such as Elliott Smith, Morrissey and Band Of Horses. He is an original singer and songwriter whose lyrics and vocal melodies tell a story about his life and his experiences.

Peter had the following things to say : “The ten songs on ‘To Telescope’ have their origins in my life over the past twelve years. After graduating from college in 98′ I was filled musical ideas. But, without my band anymore, basically homeless living out of a van and broke, I had no chance of getting anything going on. I decided to move back to the East Coast, after living in the Northwest for close to twenty years.

I have been writing this album for ten years. But, during that time I got married, bought a house, started a family and now have an established carpentry business in Boston. Now I finally got some capital to record an album!”

Musicians on Summer Home:

Peter Buzzelle : Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer, Drums and Percussion
Chris Zerby : Bass, added Guitars and Guitar Solo,
Liz Costa : Vocals

Peter cares about funding educational initiatives that are geared toward the arts and music programming in public schools. He has been involved with volunteering programs such as Boston Cares, where he has taken the lead of becoming a project manager who has gathered materials to repair homes for families in need. He is passionate about raising money for community based non-profit organizations that build and develop affordable housing. Peter Buzzelle is a musician with a genuine heart and the musical roots to present his passions.

The above information is from Peter’s website, which includes info about his new album, ‘Museum Of’.

I have done a slideshow video for this song as there is not an official video. I used mostly images from Peter’s website. Included are photos from his CD covers, which Peter took himself.

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