Tips about Buying Beach Property and Waterfront Homes in Boston

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Living on a beach front home in Boston is something that many people only get to dream about but if you have finally have put the money together you are in luck – there are excellent properties to be found if you know how to look. Buying a beach front home can be tricky – since these homes are close to the water they are more vulnerable. As you go property hunting keep in mind the following tips:

• Work with a real estate agent who is an expert on Boston waterfront homes. The average agent may know all there is to know about regular homes but this doesn’t mean that they can help you find the right beach front property. If you want to find a home that will not give you headaches in the future it is best to work with a realtor who specializes in beach front homes.

• Don’t just think about the home; think about the property as a whole. You may fall in love with the rooms and the way they are laid out, only to find out that it is impossible to get to the beach, or that the water is mucky, or that the property is an oyster bed and you cannot get your boat out to the water. Before you buy make sure to walk the whole property.

• Think about your lifestyle as you are choosing a waterfront home. Why are you really buying it? Is it a leisure spot? How often do you want to get out to the water if at all? How close is the home to your job? How long will it take the kids to get to school? Make sure that you choose a property that allows you to do not just the things you love to do but also those that you love to do.

Boston waterfront homes take more beating from the weather than other homes. Before you buy you should have a full inspection done to ensure that the home hasn’t suffer damage from the elements. The inspection should look at all aspects of the property including the basement and the attic. If there are adjoining structures they should also be inspected.

• Look into financing well ahead of the purchasing date. Boston beach front homes are more expensive and lenders are usually reluctant to take on their mortgages. You will most likely be looking at a Jumbo Loan.  You should make sure that you have substantial savings if you want to secure a mortgage quickly.

• Find out ahead of time what you can do with the property and what activities are allowed on the beach. Government agencies can be quite strict about these things. You may, for example, be planning to add a dock to a property only to find out after you purchase that you cannot. When it comes to Boston waterfront homes it is best to buy a property that has all the alterations already in.

These tips should help you to buy the best beach front home in Boston. Good luck!