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Radon is a harmful, radioactive gas that is found in homes and businesses in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sites it as a leading cause of lung cancer. The gas occurs naturally in the ground and can seep into buildings. Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation specializes in testing methods that identify its presence and in effective removal. Radon has no color and no odor, making it difficult to identify without the assistance of Hingham, Massachusetts Radon Mitigation. The EPA states that radon is in the rock and soil that underlies all areas of the United States. As it escapes from the ground, it can seep into homes or buildings that are above an affected area.

It is thought that radon results from the breakdown of uranium into radium. Professional Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation can test for the presence of the gas. Radon is everywhere and home or business owners need Hingham MA Radon Mitigation to determine the level of concentration. In buildings where the levels are too high, professional Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation can reduce them to acceptable levels. Air pressure in a building is lower than pressure in the ground, creating a vacuum-like suction that brings the gas inside through defects in foundations that Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation fix. The association between radon and lung cancer makes it important for owners of buildings to rely on Hingham, Massachusetts Radon Mitigation for safe air quality.

The EPA indicates that radon can enter a home through a water supply, but Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation know that the soil method is the more common form of entry. Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation knows how to detect radon in a building and how to assess the level of concentration. Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation find levels of radon in homes and buildings that is more than three times as high as radon levels in the outdoor air. Through study and practice, Hingham, Massachusetts Radon Mitigation is able to provide effective methods to reduce concentrations that are excessive. Anyone who suspects the presence of radon needs to select one of the qualified Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation specialists to test for it.

Professional inspectors who are accustomed to working with radon identification provide the most reliable information for concerned citizens. Home test kits are available, but the danger that is posed by misleading information makes it important to rely on one of the qualified Hingham, MA Radon Mitigation technicians for accurate readings. Techniques for reducing or eliminating radon often involve the placement of one or more suction points below the level of the foundation of a building. Additional methods that provide a way for gases to escape are used by Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation.

A pipe that extends above the roof of a building allows gases to bypass the interior living space. Hingham Massachusetts Radon Mitigation performs extensive research to develop the most effective techniques that provide services that are helpful to home and business owners. The discovery of radon in a home or business building is often a matter of great concern, but owners can rely on professional Hingham MA Radon Mitigation to provide a satisfactory solution to the problem. The presence of radon does not represent a permanent condition with the expert assistance provided by Hingham, Massachusetts Radon Mitigation. Call them today at (617) 248-3975.