Homebuilding Veterans Launch Lexington Homes

Homebuilding Veterans Launch Lexington Homes
Most people recognize Lexington and Concord as the opening battles of the American Revolutionary war. Chicagoans, however, know them as two of the storied names in local homebuilding.

Ron Benach founded Lexington Homes in the 1960s, sold it and founded Concord Homes in the early 1990s. Benach’s companies grew to be the largest in Chicagoland, accounting for 10s of thousands of home sales.

Benach recently revived the Lexington Homes name with his son Jeff and several other veteran builders.

We recently had a wide-ranging chat with Jeff Benach on the state of the market and what gives him the confidence to begin building when other builders are scaling back or going out of business.

This is the first of a several part series, and covers some of Lexington’s history and its current projects.